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Utilize Backlit Signs To Liven Up Your Graphics

Image Credit: ShieldCo

Backlit signage is vital for creating an impressive visual and assisting guests in noticing the lights. Adding brightness and contrast to your signs becomes more inviting to passers-by. In addition, backlit signs may help your company’s information, sponsors, and promotional materials stand out in any setting.

What are the Benefits of Using Backlit Signs?

Humans are naturally drawn to shiny, bright objects. This is because, in human eyes, there are energy receptors that can be triggered by light. Since light is a kind of energy, our eyes are drawn to it.

Backlit signs bring signage to life by creating a sharp contrast between the displayed visuals and the surrounding space when used indoors. They give the same dramatic contrast when utilized outdoors and make signage easily noticeable in the dark.

Backlit signs have the advantage of updating sponsor or group information without having to change the entire backlit box. We can make signage panels to fit practically any backlit box at AMI Graphics. Our Signage Specialists will carefully assess you with the appropriate materials and dimensions for your signage panel.

Is there an illuminated sign on your property that needs to be updated?  Several older illuminated signs employed fade-resistant vinyl lettering to display graphics.  With our comprehensive, digitally printed illuminated signage, your designs come to life with far greater brilliance.

Popular Types of Backlit Sings

Signs can become worn out, out of trend, or simply fade away as newer, brighter signs are placed nearby. The last thing you want is your company’s signage to become lost in the background and neglected. Whenever your sign does not stand out for some of these reasons, it’s lost its elegance, adversely affecting your customer’s perception of you and lower sales.

The following is a list of some of the most common types of lit signage for businesses:

Letter Signs (Halo Lit Channel)

Channel text signs with interior lights are referred to as illuminated letter signs. Individual letters are assembled to spell out your company’s name. Metal may be shaped into specified forms to create your brand in many instances. LED halo lights can make these illuminated business signs glow at night.

LED Signage in Monochrome

One of the most common types of signage lighting is monochrome LED signs. This is because text messages are displayed in a particular color. However, businesses may only be permitted to display text on their digital signs in certain areas, and monochrome LED signs may be ideal alternatives.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs, often called pole signs, are self-supporting structures supported by one or two poles. They are available in both double-sided and single-sided versions. Pylon signs are large enough to contain many advertising panels and usually include a lighted lightbox at the top. As a result, pylon signs may be seen from hundreds of feet away and are sometimes taller than the buildings nearby. In addition, pylon signs can be customized with a lightbox or an LED message board to display any message and attract the attention of passing vehicles and pedestrians.

Uses of Backlit Signage

Backlit signage can be used for a wide variety of purposes. First, we’ll look at some examples of how businesses and organizations used them in the past.

Because of the high volume of people entering and exiting a sporting facility, the entrance is a popular location for backlit signage. The Portland Sea Dogs made excellent use of lighted signs on their concourse. Because it is placed above the standing board, fans will be able to see the lighted sponsor message while waiting in the concessions area.

Another spot around the seating bowl of a sporting venue is where backlit signage can be suitable and effective. Fans departing the seating bowl to the walkway may see the sign, and those situated on the other side of the stadium face the sign.

Backlit signs are a great way to promote sponsors, but they may also improve a company’s branding and inspire excitement. The Rossignol symbol, for example, can be seen on a backlit sign for an outdoor gear and clothing company. The stark contrast between the gleaming white “R” and the solid red background is eye-catching. Despite being in a well-lit environment, the logo attracts attention and has an appealing appearance.

For example, Jordan’s Furniture Sleep Lab set out to create a one-of-a-kind, relaxing environment. A large-lit box and dye-sublimated stretch material were used to create a visually stunning presentation.

Thanks to backlit signs, anyone passing by will quickly notice the displayed visuals. This is because they use light to make brands instantly recognizable. Whether you want to upgrade an old backlit sign or develop an altogether new display, you can work closely with signage makers to ensure that your concept is met.