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Victim of domestic abuse dies after overdosing on painkillers after assault by partner

Kevin Courtney

Domestic abuser Kevin Courtney has been jailed after pleaded guilty to an assault on his partner.

A woman died from accidentally taking too many painkillers after being assaulted by Coutney who punched her in the face and dragged her by her hair. The attacks left her with painful facial injuries for which she was given painkillers, which she subsequently overdosed on.

Kevin Courtney, 36, from Bridgend first assaulted his partner who he had been with for a number of years at her home in Bridgend on February 8.

The aggressive assaults were aggravated due to the Courtney having taken cocaine and drunk ten cans of alcohol.

The victim suffered “severe bruises” to her face and tried to defend herself. She managed to bit Courtney on the nose in self-defence.

Detective Constable Michael Flowers commented,“I praise the victim’s courage and bravery in providing evidence to police and supporting the investigation.

Kevin Courtney is a dangerous man who inflicted several injuries in a cowardly attack on the victim. He callously beat her within her own home leading to her being prescribed various medication. She tragically overdosed on this medication in the time that followed.

The victim was courageous and brave in engaging with police and speaking out against this dangerous domestic violence aggressor. It takes a huge amount of strength to speak out against her attacker and her courage has now seen a dangerous individual put behind bars serving a custodial sentence.

Our message to all victims suffering from domestic violence and abuse – please come forward, we will support you.”

Courtney, of North Cornelly, was arrested and interviewed, and later pleaded guilty to two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Courtney was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment.