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Welsh start-up enModus delivers massive 96% energy saving project for global retailer claire’s

enModus, the smart building technology company, has successfully delivered a project for claire’s, demonstrating massive reductions in energy consumption at one of the global retailer’s major UK warehouses.

The project involved installing the enModus Smart Connected Lighting solution which uses existing mains wiring to enable lights to be connected to the internet, then monitored and intelligently controlled. Using real-time measurement, claire’s validated a total energy saving of 96% against the replaced light fittings. When the solution is deployed throughout the warehouse, the energy bill at just this one site in Birmingham, West Midlands, can be potentially cut by £107,000 over five years.

Coupled with reduced energy costs, the project also helped improve the lighting quality and comfort for warehouse staff, and the management of emergency lights by remotely testing them via the cloud. Crucially, there was zero disruption to operations because the enModus solution uses the existing powerlines.

As well as claire’s – a world leading speciality retailer of fashionable jewellery and accessories – enModus is working with major UK customers including telecoms giant Virgin Media, retail supply-chain business Catalyst and Volvo-owned Scottish manufacturer Terex Trucks.

John Wanklyn, VP Sales and Marketing of enModus, said:

“This project is yet another example of how energy efficiency is now a top priority for many companies. claire’s was keen to test out our unique technology to see how it could radically reduce costs and improve its environmental impact with minimal disruption to the busy workforce.”

“We’re proud to be working alongside such a prominent brand in the retail sector and it comes hot on the heels of another project with Virgin Media which also used our powerline-based control solution – Wattwave.”

“As well as saving money and reducing CO2, companies can deploy our solution without the need for expensive refits as it uses existing power cabling infrastructure. Smart lighting is just one application. Once installed, we enable a building-wide communications network that can deliver other benefits including real-time intelligence on building occupancy and other sensed inputs, plus ultimately control any mains-connected asset.”

Martin Brown, EU supply chain director for claire’s, added:

“I would not hesitate to work with enModus and LED by Vision again; their accommodating nature and professionalism made this very easy for claire’s.”