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Why You Should Try Destiny 2 in 2023

Project Destiny 2 is an MMO shooter that has become a logical continuation of the first part of Destiny and Halo, games about space and the struggle of mankind for their own survival and the opportunity to explore the universe.

New players are waiting for the unknown universe, which is decorated with cutting-edge graphics and endless space and beautiful visual and sound accompaniment.

The project is constantly updated and supplemented with new territories, bosses, weapons and armor, levels of the main characters and classes, a subclass system and much more.

Each new update significantly increases the threshold for the maximum level required for new raids and the ability to equip rewards in the form of weapons and armor obtained there.

Therefore, in order to be one of the first to experience new content, you can order destiny 2 level boost from professional players and conquer new worlds with updated weapons, while the majority of players are just approaching the Lightfall update.

Advantages of Destiny 2

MMO shooter project

In the gaming industry, there are not many projects in the shooter genre with the preservation of the MMO component – this means that there are plenty of opportunities to shoot in games, but for it to be a full-fledged shooter, with the ability to upgrade and strengthen the hero, work in a team and create your own guilds and factions, the system bosses and contracts and a space theme that is available for study – there are few such projects.

Multiple classes to play

Usually in the MMO world, the player is offered more than 16 options for professions available for the hero to choose, and each of them has its own role and significance for the game world. Someone deals damage, someone holds the enemy, someone summons pets, heals, and so on.

In Destiny 2, the player is offered only three classes, with different sets of skills and focus.

On the one hand, this is not enough, but on the other hand, it greatly simplifies the path for beginners, who can try out all three classes at the initial stage and choose the most interesting one for themselves.

You can choose titan, warlock, or hunter.

  • The Titan is a defensive warrior who can fire small arms, put up defensive barriers, and punch the enemy in close combat as needed.
  • Warlock is a mage in the world of small arms, can both heal allies and deal magic damage to clusters of targets.
  • The Hunter is a marksman and melee fighter with the ability to use grenades and deal heavy damage from a long distance.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter which class you choose in the end – the game is balanced enough so that each class and profession is in demand in raids, PVP and for farming in locations of varying complexity.

Registered class history

So, each class that can be played has its own history and role in the Destiny 2 universe.

So the titans are the prototypes of medieval knights and bearers of the oath to defend the main city, which they themselves built and pledged to defend it even at the cost of their own lives.

Warlocks are wanderers and seekers of knowledge to fight the darkness. They use their entire arsenal of knowledge and acquired magic to destroy targets that threaten the fate of the planet and humanity.

Hunters are exiles from their native lands, and wandering through the desert made them excellent shooters and masters of survival and disguise. They have a distinctive cloak that symbolizes the received contract. According to the code of honor, the hunter must pick up the cloak of a fallen comrade and complete his mission so that the soul of the deceased finds peace.

Interesting storyline

Destiny 2 is a continuation of the first part of the project and Halo, so the project has a large number of references and plot development in the process of completing quests and tasks related to the narrative.

The player will resist alien invaders, fight other gamers, destroy bosses that are directly related to the invasion from space of enemy units that have occupied the earth.

Gradually, you will go to explore space, visit the moon, and in the Lightfall update you will be able to arrive at Neptune to complete story missions.

Wide range of weapons

In the process of passing and exploring the game world of Destiny 2, the player will encounter various weapons of varying degrees of value and gradation.

There will be submachine guns and assault rifles, bows, sniper rifles and pistols and more.

Each weapon has its own feature – a strong and weak side. For example, bows reload quickly, but suffer from a lack of damage and require exceptional accuracy and skill, while a volley from a good rifle is guaranteed to reduce the target’s health to 0.

Attractiveness to play with friends

In Destiny 2, you can find an activity for a group of any number of players – the optimal composition is three players.

You will have access to strikes and raids, the PVP Trial of Osiris mode and just farming with the passage of story missions.

Strikes are mini-raids, you have to go into the combat zone, fight with the minions of the boss and defeat them and the head of the dungeon to get weapons and armor of high quality. The higher the difficulty level of the dungeon, the better the reward awaits you if successful.

PvP mode takes place in the form of rounds, where you need to gain a series of victories. If you get three, five or seven victories in a row, you will find a seasonal reward that will significantly increase the combat potential of the group – so do not neglect it.