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Will Ethereum Crash 40% from Current Levels? Experts’ Views

The current Ethereum volatility comes in the middle of a constant inflation surge. Since March 2020, the stock market faced the worst month and the recent indications that Federal Reserve will start raising rates during its next meeting to counter inflation. In addition, some government officials began to show interest in cryptocurrency regulation and the possibility to create a government-issued cryptocurrency. As a result, the price of Ethereum had the same rough stretch of late. For safe investment visit https://crypto-engineapp.com/

An overview of Ethereum crash

Despite a fast recovery, the price of Ethereum was hit hard by the current volatility in the cryptocurrency market. The second-largest crypto was seen the last trading at $2700 after hitting the $2585 low earlier. It lost around 5 % in the past week. Regulatory action and concerns related to inflation and geopolitical worries have kept the cryptocurrency market under pressure.

Further Ethereum prices fall is anticipated, but the price may move further downwards.

It is now trading at $2700 after the vast fall and sudden recovery. It comes with many intense levels of support at $1850 and $2200. There are slim chances of it dropping below $1800 later. But if it happens, it will become a massive opportunity for buying.

Ethereum was seen to retest its range of $3000 midpoint; however, it could not break it.

A strong reaction to its resistance is dull, predicting that the market has more potential.

The support on the chart is $2000 area weekly and every day at $1700, suggesting a possible drop to $1700.

In the weekend, the weakness witnessed in the cryptocurrency market did not last long.

However, the absence of enormous trading volumes makes it convenient to lower this market with some big orders. The market experts believe this. Due to uncertainty, the cryptocurrency market has shown weakness lately. Beginning in 2018, more volatility was seen in Ethereum compared to Bitcoin.

Issues related to scalability have covered it, and it explains why some challengers such as Polygon reported a lot of NFTs on this platform. This cryptocurrency is not so much decentralized as Bitcoin. The network of Ethereum has been updating itself to its 2.0 version with some improvements related to processing times, fewer fees, and high scalability.

Many market participants are waiting eagerly for some new upgrade.

The cryptocurrency market’s natural tendency is to follow the route of Bitcoin.

Ethereum is not an exception.

  • This drop will have a ripple impact on Ethereum and its so-called digital coin killers.
  • They feel that maybe prospective killers of Ethereum are around for now, and no one was close enough to dethrone it. However, the future may be turning out to be challenging.

Some alternate bets

  • The dip in price may become a great opportunity of taking a look at some themes like a metaverse. Some have selected Decentraland and Render Token as the top bets. They are making investments across various pieces, including various tokens, which may be a highly prudent idea.
  • Few notable competitors who present innovative solutions to the shortcomings of Ethereum are Polkadot, Solana and Avalanche.
  • Others feel that killers of Ethereum, such as Solana that is hailed as the digital asset’s ecosystem’ Visa, can be a prospective challenger apart from Binance Smart Chain.
  • With over 5.7 million NFTs that have been created upon Solana and many transactions worth 50 billion settled, Solana proved its tenacity.
  • But Solana was recently marred by outages network.
  • The main chink in the armour is security.


The main question is whether owning such coins will see any considerable growth. No such thing in the crypto fundamentals will give a positive answer because there is no proper guarantee that the value of cryptocurrency will increase. Experts advise that you should not invest over 5% of the portfolio in it. Do not invest at any risk to not meet other financial aims such as paying off debt with high interest or retirement savings. If you complete every benchmark, you will do the perfect thing to ignore all hype related to any record low or high. Like traditional investing of long-term, the ultimate thing that you will be able to do is set and completely forget it.