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Years-Proven Tactics in Email Marketing: What Will Definitely Work for You

To begin with, effective email marketing has nothing to do with spam that no one reads while checking their inboxes. If used correctly, email marketing is a great way to establish contact with the client and build a long-lasting bond. From the moment customers start interacting with your business until the day they reach the final stage of their decision-making process, email marketing accompanies the whole sales pipeline.

Email marketing includes sending out advertisements, calls to action, news, and much more. The long-term goal of such a strategy is to increase customer confidence in a brand and strengthen your audience’s loyalty. And at the same time, it is also great for attracting new or potential customers.

Types of Emails to Master

First of all, you should think carefully about the type of letters you send. All of them are divided into certain categories, but the content must be of high quality, whichever of the following you choose.

Communication with a company starts with a welcome letter. It is one message or a series of emails that customers receive after confirming their subscription. Do not underestimate their importance because users tend to open them and respond to a CTA they contain more often. In such a letter, you can offer something valuable for a subscriber: an e-book, a training video, detailed guides, etc.

The next type is digests. They provide a short overview of new information. For instance, you can use an attractive mood board to draw attention to new offers, product announcements, or a fresh blog post. A moodboard maker will help you easily prepare the desired layout for notifying your clients.

Information letters should be used to send useful content: various materials, extensions, and so on. Triggers and transactional emails are sent when a user takes a specific action. And the last ones are newsletters. It is a series of letters that gradually increase the recipient’s interest in an offer. It is probably clear that the first three options are more likely to be read in full.

Enjoy Automation

Since most of the workflow has long been automated, you should choose a good email newsletter service to avoid wasting precious time that is constantly lacking. Such services help manage mailing lists and create interesting content for newsletters. They also include an automation feature that makes it much easier to send emails to large numbers of subscribers. Finally, most of these services have reporting features that allow you to analyze and optimize your campaigns for even better results.

Build a Quality Subscription Base

The key to successful email marketing is active and engaged subscribers. One of the most important tactics in your campaign is creating an organic email contact list. The best way to get such a list is to bring together customers who have enthusiastically subscribed to your mailing. You should not consider buying or renting an email list from third parties and using them without proper permission. Most often, these actions bring no results other than unnecessary costs, potential spam complaints, and even legal complications. If you contact people who have not previously given you explicit consent or were not interested in your product or site, the effectiveness of your campaign is likely to decrease. Moreover, users can report your emails as spam.

Understand Your Audience

When you have collected interested subscribers, analyze and segment your audience to send relevant emails. Basically, there are several main parameters for segmentation. The first is geographic location, which allows you to offer services or products available in or relevant to a particular region. The next one is age because different generations use the Internet, and you should take it into account when choosing the tone of a message or an offered product/service. And the last thing is a buyer persona. Using a customer persona template helps you understand the needs and values ​​of your clientage. Also, through this filtering, you can find out how valuable your products or services are to your audience.

Stay in Touch

Motivate customers to interact with you. Do not stop contacting the subscriber after he or she makes a purchase. Try to turn a one-time customer into a regular one. To do this, send a letter of thanks for buying from you and congratulate the customer on the purchase, tell what other interesting offers you have, and explain how to take advantage of them in detail. After a while, remind them of yourself and offer to make a purchase/targeted action.

And most importantly, do not exclude a recipient from your mailing list if your emails remain unopened. As long as the person does not unsubscribe, he or she doesn’t mind receiving your offers. The client may need a reminder, so wait a bit and send a new email to renew your connection.