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3 Success Stories In Content Creation Industry with Allcreate: Can You Make Solid Money Creating Content?

Do you want to become a content creator? Most content creators today will tell you that the journey has its own share of challenges, but your resilience and hard work can make you stand out in what is now a very competitive Industry. If you go to social platforms like Youtube or Allcreate, you’ll learn that there are many creators already, and so finding out what sets you apart from others and working on it is an essential element for success.

To inspire you more, we have compiled 3 success stories in the content creation industry. Keep reading to see how our featured creators started and the challenges they encountered before reaching where they are today. 

3 Success Stories of Content Creators:

  • 🏡 How Haley Ingram created a $1M/Year Subscription-Based Toolkit For Real Estate Professionals

Haley Ingram’s content creation journey is proof enough that you can start working hard and become a successful content creator entrepreneur earning millions. Based on what she shared on Starterstory.com, Haley created Coffee and Contracts which is now a digital marketing subscription service used by real estate professionals. The service provides social media marketing templates including Instagram content calendar, ready to use captions, story templates, blog posts, reel templates, video scripts and more.

The purpose of this service is to offer training and support to help users utilize the available tools to grow their social media presence. In just two years since launching her service, Haley had already helped more than 7000 real estate professionals build their brand using her jam packed toolkit.

What Inspired Haley?

As a child, Haley enjoyed the art of selling things. She even held art shows in her bedroom and made her parents and other family members buy her work. Her possible major first move is when she sold a painted rock during a yard sale. She also sold designer t-shirts at a fundraiser. According to Haley  her first sold items were not that good, but she got support from her friends.

Where Did the Idea Come From?

Haley says she found a job as a marketing intern at a real estate brokerage and after looking at what real estate agents did to grow their businesses, she decided to become one herself. She got her license while still in college and by the time she was graduating, she already had plans to be a full time real-estate agent. 

Were there Any Challenges?

As a new agent, she struggled, the business was growing but not as fast as she had initially thought. Being a real estate agent inspired her to create Coffee and Contracts. She initially had no idea how to go about implementing the idea but mentor groups on Google and Facebook helped her. She launched her service just 3 months after planning it and was able to quit her job and focus on her own business fully.

  • 🎼 Jacques Hopkins Started with Online Piano Classes

Content creation has different niches. You can create entertaining, educational or inspirational content. It all depends on your creativity and the needs of your audience. For Jacques Hopkins, it was educational. He started online piano classes to teach his audience how to play the instrument. He told Starterstory that he only started with $100 and is now earning $480k yearly. Isn’t that a huge inspiration? 

Where Did Jacques’s Piano Idea Classes Come From?

Jacques says books such as “The 4 Hour Workweek” inspired him to make a shift in his career. He was an engineer but decided to venture into entrepreneurship. To Jacques, the idea of working from anywhere and doing cool stuff was better than employment, big team and debts. Until he made it in business, playing piano was just a hobby for him.

What Was Challenging?

Jacques was not that great at playing piano, and he still says he is not that great. But Jacques was competent and that was enough for him to start teaching classes. Even though he knew what to teach, finding an audience for this proposal was quite a challenge. The first sales were very low, and it got him questioning if he was doing the right thing. In the end the idea turned out to be the best he had ever made. Moral of the story here is to not back down, when challenges appear!

At the moment, Jacques Hopkins is still the main content creator and image representative of his brand. However, he attributes his success in sales to the support he gets from his audience. Being a content creator has given him more time to go to vacation with his family as the business now runs itself.

  • ✍️ How a Content Creation Agency Ended Up Earning Vaibhav Kishnani over $500K per year

With the right idea and tools, your content creation business can excel anywhere in the world. You can be like Vaibhvav Kishnani who makes $500K from creating content. Vaibhvav is an engineer like Jacques Hopkins, but very passionate about writing. He started Content Whale back in 2017 while studying. He went on to tell Storystarter how his agency caters for over 40 different types of content.

The content they curate is based on three pillars: academic, graphic design and business content. With all these services, their customers include students, digital marketing agencies and corporates. They simply offer service to everyone who needs written content. According to Vaibhave, his success emanates from connecting with the right people at the right time.

What Did It Take to Launch the Content Creation Agency?

According to Vaibhav, everything starts by taking the matter in your hand, instead of waiting for things to fall into place by themselves. Success is achieved by hard work and having faith that things are going to work out. Doing this advice enabled Vaibhav to gain steadiness after a short while.

What Were the Challenges?

Vaibhave told Storystarter that hiring true professionals was the main challenge at the beginning. But he and his team strategized and got some of his university colleagues as co-workers. As a result, the agency ended up being successful.

Talking of starting small, Vaibhav created a free website using Wix to start building his online presence. He made changes to the website gradually and after two years the refined site got to 53 pages.

What Can You Learn From Success Stories?

1. Start Small

All the three success stories above have one thing in common — they all started small. This should come as an inspiration to you, if you are planning to become a content creator. Expensive tools work better, but you don’t need to stress yourself at the beginning, you can create a simple website online, use a cheap camera or a computer at the beginning. The quality of your content may not be great at first but with hardwork and faith, as Vaibhav puts it, your efforts will be fruitful. Knowing the right people and making connections at the right time is also key. Knowing the target audience is extremely important as it determines if you will make sales or not.

2. Find Right People and Places

One of the challenges Jacques Hopkins had was finding an audience to share his piano lessons with. Are you a content creator struggling with finding a content creation platform where you can organically promote your profile to be interesting to followers? 

Allcreate is a platform which believes that talents and creativity deserve the chance of being monetized without underestimation. Most starting content creators sometimes feel like their content is not good enough. Fortunately, Allcreate is a welcoming space for all content creators. Your content will also be safe because the platform observes copyright policies.

3. Create And Monetize a Community

Also, joining Allcreate will allow you to get followers and create a community. You’ll find users on the platform who canwill donate and present gifts for your exclusive content on Allcreate.

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