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Casino Statistics 2022: How Many People Are Playing Online?

Without mentioning any numbers, it’s already obvious that the number of people who play online casino games is high.

Online casino games have grown in popularity thanks to the level of convenience and comfort associated with them. Players no longer have to go to a land-based casino to play their favorite games, instead they can enjoy the classics and the new games from the comfort of their phones!

Along with safe transactions and various payment options, it’s no surprise that more and more players are opting for online casinos.

Casino Industry

With more than 5,300 establishments and more than one million employees, the casino and online gambling sector is worth a whopping $231 billion!

Experts are expecting the gambling market to rise to $876 billion by 2026, and the casino industry will reach $153.1 billion.

Dutch Casino Industry Statistics

In the Netherlands, the online gambling landscape has seen a remarkable surge. Recent statistics reveal that over 1.5 million Dutch people engage in online gambling, a significant increase from previous years. The market’s growth rate stands at an impressive 12% annually, with a substantial portion of this attributed to the rise of mobile gaming. Moreover, the implementation of the CRUKS system has been instrumental in promoting responsible gaming, registering over 30,000 players in its first year, indicating a proactive approach towards gambling regulation.

OnlineCasinoSpelen is a noteworthy, prominent platform in the Netherlands. This website is a part of a burgeoning trend, where recent statistics show a significant increase in online gambling activities in the Netherlands.

UK Casino Industry Statistics

76% of UK citizens see gambling ads on TV, 56% reported seeing ads on posters and billboards, with 45% read about the industry in the newspaper.

6 out of 10 UK residents come across gambling adverts at least once every week.

While almost half of the country’s population, 46%, gambles frequently, the UK’s gambling addiction problem has decreased from 0.5% to 0.3%.

The country’s male population is more prone to take on gambling than women. 43.5% of males reported having participated in gambling, while the percentage of women, 39.8% is lower.

The age group 45-54 has the highest number of gamblers when compared to other age groups.

If you’re a UK citizen interested in taking up gambling but don’t know where to start, these top casino options for UK citizens are a good starting point!

US Casino Industry Statistics

The US gambling market is currently worth $261 billion, with over 1.8 million employees, it is set to reach $262.4 billion by 2026.

In Las Vegas alone, the hospitality and leisure industry held 292,000 jobs.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, the industry saw a decline. The commercial casinos lost over 45,600 working days and New Mexico saw the biggest decline of 78.8%. This resulted in the casino losing around $193 million.

South Dakota casinos, on the other hand, saw the lowest drop of 4.5%, which resulted in the state’s casinos losing only $5 million.

The big three American casino markets are:

  1. Las Vegas which is worth $3.65 billion
  2. Atlantic City which is worth $1.4 billion
  3. Baltimore-Washington which is worth $1.31 billion

Online Casino Statistics

Online casinos rose to popularity during the global pandemic when land-based casinos had to close down. So, while some people decided to give crochet a try, others immersed themselves in the world of gambling.

Online casinos saw the opportunity to expand and give players the same land-based experience, only online.

The latest 2022 numbers show that there are 2,000 online casinos, with the top performing online casinos generating more than $10 billion every year.

The top three internet casinos dominating the market are:

  1. Flutter Stars Group worth $5.28 billion
  2. GVC Holdings worth $4 billion
  3. Bet365 worth $3.5 billion

It comes as no surprise to know that 96% of online gambling players prefer to play from home. It makes sense especially when you consider how convenient it is to win at the same games there are at land-based casinos.

55% of users use their mobile as a device to gamble on due to its portability. Due to this, 12% have stated they prefer to gamble while commuting as it makes the bus or train rides much more bearable.

Another reason why people are choosing online sites is that they can pay using cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. Bitcoin allows for safe and anonymous transactions, as well as completing transactions faster than Ezra Miller can end his career.

Casino Future Popularity

One thing is for certain: the casino industry will continue to change in the coming years. Land-based casinos have already suffered a hit due to the increasing popularity of online casinos, however, they have already adapted to the change.

They have included more multimedia entertainment for its players, along with several food and drinks options to keep them entertained for longer periods.

Many countries have started to revisit their casino and gambling laws and with the possibility of laws being passed to legalize more aspects of the gaming industry.

Who knows what will be more popular in the future: online casinos or the boy band from Cardiff! Guess we have to keep an eye out!