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Is casino and betting popular among the Welsh people?

Wales is probably not the first place you’d think of when someone mentions casino and betting, but the truth is that there are thousands of gamblers in this tiny country with a population of just over three million inhabitants.

Offline gambling has always been quite a big deal among the Welsh, but the popularity spiked significantly with the rise of online casinos and bookmakers. Of course, the lockdown caused by global pandemic is also a huge contributor.

However, things are not as simple as they may seem at first. There is a lot of background behind the gambling and betting habits of the Welsh players, so let’s see what makes them so interested in placing bets and ripping off casinos.

Welsh gambling market size

Before we move on to the analysis of the local gambling market, we should check out the existing reports and statistical findings of this industry. Although there are no clear and definitive data about Wales in particular, we can draw conclusions from the Great Britain-focused stats.

The official UK Gambling Commission announced earlier this year that the total gross gambling yield of the gambling industry in Great Britain amounted to £14.2 billion.

Another thing we know for sure is that Wales accounts for less than 5% of the overall population on the island, with its people being slightly more prone to gambling than the average Briton. This basically means that Wales contributes to Britain’s casino and betting business with about £0.7 billion per year.

It is also important to mention the state of offline gambling in Wales in the pre-coronavirus period:

  • The country has four casinos
  • There are also 300 betting shops
  • Over two thousand people are employed in this niche

Gambling preferences of the Welsh people

We can see that casino and betting are very popular among the Welsh people, but we can also break down this concept into different niches to better understand their gambling preferences.

The task is even more notable if you know that online casinos now offer all sorts of benefits such as the list of mobile casino free spins codes. At the same time, gambling games vary and it’s easy to find something valuable for every type of player based on their personal preferences.

So, what are the most frequently played gambling games among the Welsh?

Firstly, they really enjoy playing online slots. For some reason, the game is incredibly popular in Wales as lots of players consider it to be the most interesting way to earn or lose money on the Internet. Perhaps it has something to do with the sheer number of possibilities since online slots include the likes of RTP, jackpots, and many more.

The second most-loved activity is football betting because Wales has a couple of solid teams – Cardiff City and Swansea – that play in the Premier League from time to time. Of course, there are other football teams with solid rosters and reputable histories that make the fans go wild about betting.

Besides that, we can’t help but mention horse racing and rugby, the two sports with millions of fans all over Great Britain. The Welsh are by no means an exemption here, so they tend to place solid bets on horse races and rugby matches.

The only problem with casinos and betting in Wales is the gambling addiction, which is why healthcare authorities are urging the local government to take action and fund a clinic to support and hopefully cure addicted players.

Factors that make gambling so popular in Wales

What seems to be the deal with the Welsh people and gambling? It’s hard to give only one simple answer to this question, so let’s analyze four factors that make casinos and betting such an important entertainment feature in Wales.

  1. Low entry points

You don’t need to spend a fortune to gamble in Wales. Online casinos and sportsbooks reduced wagers to the bare minimum, so now even low-income players and students can afford to join Casinoster, pick the best place to bet, and try their luck. After all, gambling offers people a lot of instant fun and it’s natural to see so many players now that online casinos and bookmakers are only a click or two away.

  1. Gambling is legal in Wales

Gambling in Wales falls under the UK jurisdiction, but the bottom line is the same – gambling is completely legal in this country. There’s nothing suspicious or shady about betting or casinos in Wales as you only need to be 18 or older to roll the dice or place a bet.

  1. People are looking for entertainment during the lockdown

The factor we must not neglect is the lockdown in the new coronavirus realm. Now that people spend most of their time back home, everybody seems to be looking for new entertainment channels. Online casinos and bookmakers come as true salvation for players who are sick and tired of watching TV shows and movies.

  1. Diversity of gambling offers

Finally, it is important to note that gambling in Wales has become extremely diverse and colorful. There are so many ways to take part in it – roulettes, slots, sports betting, e-games, and so much more. Everybody can find something interesting that suits their gambling preferences.

The Bottom Line

Wales makes only a small portion of Great Britain in terms of population, but its contribution to the total gambling market goes off the charts. The country has a long history of offline gambling and bookmaking, but the whole thing is reaching a higher level in the digital age with all those online casinos and sportsbooks.

In such circumstances, it’s not the question of whether casinos and betting are popular among the Welsh people, but rather what makes this phenomenon so important in this part of Great Britain. We tried to answer this and many other questions, but now it’s your turn to tell us what you think about gambling in Wales.


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