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Look for These 10 Qualities in Your CBD Cigarettes, Before Adding them To Your Cart

CBD cigarettes might be a good approach if you wish to quit smoking. Several studies concluded that the relaxing properties of Cannabidiol make CBD cigarettes an excellent alternative to smoking. As a result, over a period, they can help individuals addicted to nicotine stay smoke-free. Hence, such individuals can switch to healthier lifestyle choices with the help of hemp extracts. Due to the rising popularity of Cannabidiol, researchers believe that tobacco consumers will soon switch to hemp. How should consumers buy hemp cigarettes, and what are the qualities they need to identify? Here’s a quick look at everything you need to know about such cigarettes and their benefits.

What are Cannabidiol-infused Cigarettes?

CBD or hemp cigarettes are a form of hemp extracts that users can smoke, with no tobacco and high amounts of Cannabidiol. These products also contain less than 0.3% of delta 9 THC and have no nicotine, making them a safer and healthier alternative. Since these products contain Cannabidiol instead of tetrahydrocannabinol, they do not have mind-altering effects. Hence, consumers can smoke these cigarettes without getting intoxicated or ingesting nicotine or tobacco.

Smokers around the world are finding these products to be an excellent alternative to smoking patches. Since they contain no nicotine, they are less likely to turn addictive. As a result, users can gradually stop smoking over time, helping make this a sustainable and healthy habit. Most people who are struggling to quit smoking rely on nicotine gum, patches, and prescription drugs. However, all of these have adverse side effects and take longer to impact the consumer’s lifestyle. Since hemp is a natural substance, it produces very few side effects while helping people quit a lot faster.

 How Can Hemp Cigarettes Help People Quit Smoking?

Hemp cigarettes are perfect for individuals looking for an all-natural substitute for nicotine. By combining these cigarettes with other healthy lifestyle choices, consumers can stop smoking once and for all. Here’s a quick look at how smoking cannabidiol-infused cigarettes helps those struggling with nicotine addiction.

  1. Helps in neutralizing smoking cues: As per a 2008 study, Cannabidiol has the power to reverse certain attentional biases that cigarette smoking impacts. As a result, over time, consumption of hemp extracts can help prevent the triggers that cause you to smoke more. The study gave a group 800 mg of oral CBD and showed them smoking-related images intermixed with neutral ones. The researchers found that the hemp extract helped make the smoking-related images look less appealing while also lowering the group’s systolic pressure. Hence, hemp extracts have the power to normalize drug cues and work as anti-addictive substances.
  2. Helps reduce nicotine cravings: The Journal on Addictive Behaviors concludes that hemp extracts help reduce nicotine cravings in smokers. One study showed that smokers who ingested CBD smoked 40% fewer cigarettes within a controlled study. As a result, the research showed that these products have neurobiological effects that help rewire our cravings.
  3. Serves as an all-natural alternative to tobacco: Hemp possesses various Neuroprotectant properties while also working as a relaxant. Therefore, these products can help with addiction by reducing anxiety, impulsive behaviors, and stress. Additionally, they also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that help combat withdrawal symptoms. As a result, hemp extracts have immense therapeutic potential as an anti-addiction remedy.
  4. Resemble a traditional cigarette in all ways:  Over the years, hemp cigarettes have grown to become a natural remedy that aids smoking cessation. These cigarettes look and work the same way as traditional cigarettes, making it easier for smokers to switch to this healthier alternative. Hence, they work as the perfect tobacco substitute to help people struggling with nicotine or tobacco addiction.
  5. Enables people to relax without being intoxicating, unhealthy, or addictive: High-quality hemp-based cigarettescontain organic cannabis flowers and no additives. They have no nicotine or tobacco, making them an all-natural and organic substitute for traditional cigarettes. Hemp, when smoked, produces a light relaxing effect that helps take the edge off addicted individuals. Hence, it can help people relax over extended periods without creating adverse side effects or being addictive.

How to Choose a Good CBD Cigarette?

Let us now look at the top 10 qualities you need to look for in a hemp-based cigarette before them to your cart.

  1. Organic: Consumers should make sure the products use 100% organic cannabidiol to ensure high quality.
  2. Additive-free: Always opt for products that contain no additives, nicotine, or tobacco to ensure the product is all-natural.
  3. Reputation: Research the manufacturer and go for products made by credible and reputable companies.
  4. Reports: Always check the certificate of analysis of products before buying them to ensure high quality and consistency.
  5. Credibility: Only purchase hemp cigarettes from companies that publish third-party testing reports of all their products online.
  6. THC-Levels: Opt for products that contain less than 0.3% THC to ensure they are federally legal in the US.
  7. Health claims: Always avoid companies that boast unfounded health benefits or claims they cannot back up with testing data.
  8. Reviews: Check online reviews and testimonials of the company to ensure that they are trustworthy and have a reputable brand name.
  9. Hemp Vs. Marijuana: While both hemp and marijuana are variations of the cannabis plant, they vary regarding THC concentration. Hemp contains higher concentrations of Cannabidiol, whereas marijuana is naturally higher in THC.
  10. Compound Type: The market offers CBD isolates, broad and full-spectrum products. Choose the type of hemp flower based on your need as isolates contain potent CBD, whereas the others vary in their composition. While full-spectrum products contain THC, broad-spectrum offers all-natural compounds, except large quantities of THC.


Consumers can use the following methods to use these cigarettes to kick their smoking addiction for good.

  1. Replace all tobacco products you use with these natural alternatives.
  2. Always keep a pack of these cigarettes on hand to factor in strong urges to smoke.
  3. Replace all your smoking breaks with cannabidiol-infused breaks to prevent relapses of any kind.
  4. Use these products as a part of your Quit Smoking Plan for maximum efficiency.
  5. Incorporate other healthy living choices such as ample exercise, good sleep, and a healthy diet to increase your chances of success.


Quitting programs like START enable addicts to quit smoking effectively by serving as a comprehensive plan that reduces cravings. It involves setting a quit date, telling your family and loved ones your intention, and following it up by anticipating the challenges you will face. Additionally, the plan also involves removing tobacco products from your life and taking professional help. Switching to healthier alternatives, such as hemp-based products, can also go a long way in aiding your recovery. By reducing cravings, relaxing your body and mind, these products are a perfect alternative to cigarettes. Do you want to learn more about cannabidiol-infused cigarettes? If so, let us know in the comments below so that we can curate a list of the best hemp extract-infused cigarettes on the market!