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MOT: What is it and Why is it Important?

In the UK, as soon as a car is three years old (four years old in Ireland) it must have an MOT to ensure that it is still safe to be driven on the roads. The current test looks at a lengthy checklist of items all of which are involved with the safety of the car on the road, but the original test was rather different.

MOT Origins

The age of the MOT test is actually attested to by its name. At the time, the government body in charge of vehicles, licensing and roads was the Ministry of Transport – today, those responsibilities are spread between the DVLA, DVSA and the new Ministry for Transport. The test was simply the Ministry of Transport test, and looked at ten-year old cars – brought in on a voluntary basis by their owners – to check the brakes, steering and lights were in good working order.

Why Does it Matter?

Un-roadworthy cars are not only an inconvenience to you, rather they are actively dangerous to you and to other road users. If your braking system fails you could drive into other cars or pedestrians; if your lights are not working properly an unwary driver might not be able to see you in time to stop – and if your brake lights are not working, they could drive into you!

The much more comprehensive test performed today sees around one-quarter of three-year old cars earning a fail the first time they are subject to an MOT. While this might seem like a lot, compare it to the staggering 52% who failed back in 1960 – when the test was voluntary, which could lead one to assume that those drivers who were sure their cars would fail would decline to put it forward for the test!

It is a Literal Life-saver!

The MOT tagline is ‘saving lives since 1960’ and it is almost certainly true that the MOT does just that by removing vehicles from the road before they fail, shed tyres, or lose their steering or brakes. However, it is not possible to say just how many lives have been saved as it is all but impossible to prove a negative of this sort! If you are a driver, do not delay when it is time to get your MOT Test done. MOT is compulsory on everyone; from huge lorries to smart cars having an up to date MOT is an absolute must! You can book MOT in Rainham at Elite Direct. They are thorough professionals with expertise in MOT and car servicing. So book an appointment online or call them at 01708 525577 for any queries.