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North Wales college unveils £20m Wrexham campus redevelopment plans

THESE are the first images of the proposed £20 million redevelopment of Coleg Cambria’s Wrexham campus.

The Yale site is to undergo a huge transformation if planning permission is granted this summer, creating hundreds of temporary construction jobs.

The innovative designs include a three-storey complex equipped with the latest digital technology, a 200-seat conference hall, meeting and staff rooms, a cutting edge study space, revolutionary sports facilities and IT suites.

This latest revamp of the Cambria estate comes after the college unveiled £40m of modern new buildings in less than 18 months, including the £10m engineering technology complex and campus redevelopment on Bersham Road in Wrexham, and a £3.5m Business School in Northop.

Chief Executive David Jones said the project will further enhance the social and learning experience for students while providing staff with an inspiring workplace they and the community can be proud of.

“As we prepare to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Coleg Cambria, this latest development reinforces our commitment to Wrexham and to the region, and to the education and careers of this and future generations of learners,” said Mr Jones.

“If we are granted permission this will be a shot in the arm for Wrexham and for the economy, as thousands of students and their families will benefit.”

He added: “Since merging Yale and Deeside colleges to form Coleg Cambria we have had a clear vision of the journey ahead, raising aspirations and growing steadily, not just in terms of our footprint but also the impact we have had on north east Wales and beyond.

“We have achieved so much and established ourselves as probably the number one college in the UK based on current performance.

“That makes me so proud, as we are shaping the culture of thousands of young people in modern, innovative and welcoming facilities – this new-look campus would take us even further in achieving our goals.”

In addition to over £10m of money that the college has generated, it is looking to secure additional match funding from the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools and Education Programme to support the plans, and is in the final stage of completing a detailed business case.

“Our aim is to begin work at the start of 2019 and open in time for the beginning of the 2020/21 calendar year, but of course this is all subject to approval,” said Mr Jones.

“We have these initial designs, which look absolutely fantastic, and we are also consulting with staff and students as we move forward.

“Their input is vital, as this is their campus and all feedback will contribute to the final look of the Yale campus.”