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Salesforce Certifications: Administrator, Builder or Developer? Your Path to a Rewarding Career

The Salesforce certifications are an excellent way to get ahead by validating your expertise on one of the newest CRM platforms today. In this post, we present you with the guide to the most valued certificates of this vendor that will help you kick-start your career. Here, we mentioned only 4 of the most popular Salesforce credentials. Obtaining any of them will help you reach new levels.


Overview of Salesforce Certifications

As already mentioned, Salesforce provides an array of certificates, each of which is designed for a specific range of job functions. Some of the most popular badges are discussed below. Let’s take a closer look at them.


  1. Salesforce Administrator

This certification focuses mainly on administrative functions. Earning it proves that an individual has extensive knowledge of Salesforce configuration and customization. It also proves your possession of skills to manage the users and get the most out of the platform capabilities. The prerequisite exam contains 60 multiple-choice questions (and 5 non-scored questions), which must be completed within 105 minutes. The test costs $200. It measures one’s skills in the following:

Training courses for this test are available directly on the certification webpage, so you can get all you need at once. Try to master the exam topics so that you correctly answer more than 65% of the questions.

  1. Salesforce Advanced Administrator

To obtain this credential, one must have experience in using the advanced administration capabilities in Salesforce and also be highly skillful in designing advanced reports, dashboards, as well as automation processes. The certification exam also costs $200 and lasts 105 minutes so that you will be able to answer all 60 questions. Don’t forget that there will also be 5 additional questions. The test evaluates the candidates’ ability to design advanced reports, business process automation, and dashboards. You will also know how to optimize and extend Service Cloud applications as well as Sales Cloud applications. Please note that for this certificate, you must first get the Salesforce Administrator badge.


  1. Salesforce Platform Application Builder

This certificate confirms the students’ ability to design, implement, and build custom apps with the help of declarative customization capabilities of the platform that Salesforce has. To pass the prerequisite exam, you will need to deal with 60 multiple-choice and 5 non-scored questions within 105 minutes. The price is the same as for the previous certification tests we mentioned – $200. You should get at least 63% of the correct answers to receive the passing status.

  1. Salesforce Developer

In order to obtain this certification, you must pass one exam, which requires that you know how to use an interface, design data model, security, and business logic for custom applications. You should also be able to develop custom applications with Visualforce and Apex. The test comes with 60 questions (+5 non-scored ones) that you need to answer within 110 minutes. The passing score is 65% and you have to pay $200 for the voucher.


Benefits of Salesforce Certifications

There are many benefits that come with any Salesforce certificate. But in conclusion, these credentials offer three great advantages to the professionals. First, they enhance their overall marketability in the highly competitive IT job market by simply allowing them to become the experts in the field. Moreover, they can get more than one Salesforce badge. And the more the credentials they have, the higher the salary they can claim.



In conclusion, we would like to say that the use of practice tests can make preparation for any Salesforce certification exam easier and more dynamic, especially if they are used together with braindumps. Mock tests can help the candidates get familiar with the exam format and identify their knowledge gaps before attempting the real test. So choose the credential you want, get the best study materials you need, and develop your career.