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TOP Most Powerful Tools to Get a lot of YouTube Views and Become Popular

These days, everyone wants a YouTube channel. It’s a great way to become popular, even outside the site. Many people use YT to promote their business, books, music, art, performances, etc. Others just want to be known for their videos, or to become an influencer. Either way, you may want to buy YouTube hits in order to drip feed views in a slow, realistic way.

But getting viewers on YT isn’t as simple as it used to be. As of 2020, the site had 2.3 billion active users monthly. Each day, more than 1 billion videos are watched, and another 720,000 hours of video are uploaded. With so many people on the site, uploading their own content, it’s a challenge to grow an audience. Add to that the fact that YouTube’s algorithms are focused on putting the most popular accounts and videos first in search results, and you may feel like it’s an uphill battle. Because it’s so tough to increase the amount of views, you may want to buy YouTube views to get started. This can help you get a head start on the competition, and grow your audience organically.

As you’re working on expanding your viewership, here are the top most powerful marketing tools to get a lot of YT views and boost your popularity on the second most-visited site on the web:

Keywords Are King: Use the Free Keyword Explorer

Start by thinking about what someone would search if they were looking for a video like yours. “Funny dog videos,” “How to make scrambled eggs,” “Ten best outfits at the 2022 Oscars,” etc. Once you have a list, try some of these keywords by typing them into the YT search bar and see what comes up. Keep in mind that if there is a large number of results, it may be harder for you to stand out in that niche. You may want to try more specific keywords, like “funny chihuahua videos” or “how to make black truffle scrambled eggs.” You can also get more ideas from free tools like the Moz Keyword Explorer.

Ideally, once you’ve settled on your set of keywords, you’ll want to use at least one of them in your video title, and as many as you can in your description. Don’t forget to check and see how your keywords will do on Google—you want to be able to show up on the world’s biggest search engine as well.

Make Sure Your YT Channel Is Set Up for Business

Go to YouTube’s homepage and click on your profile avatar. If you don’t have a YT profile yet, create one, either using an existing Gmail address or setting up a new YT account. You can then add your channel icon and artwork, like a business logo. Fill out the description for your channel using keywords that apply broadly to what you generally do. For example, if you have a vlog where you teach yourself to cook, you could include keywords like “recipe fails,” “cooking for beginners,” etc. Then add your featured channels and you should be all set.

Take Advantage of YouTube Analytics

After you have several videos up on the site for at least a month, check out YT’s own analytics to find opportunities. You can see at a glance which videos have the most views and comments, as well as the percentage of positive to negative (likes vs. dislikes) responses. Additionally, you can view stats for the whole channel, such as the number of overall subscribers or how many people have watched it in the last 48 hours.

This information should give you ideas about what direction to take your channel. Are the cat videos getting significantly more hits than the dog ones? Do the funny videos do better than the more serious ones, or vice versa?

You can also learn when your viewers are most active online, which can help you figure out when is the best time to post a video in the future. Check out the new vs. returning viewers to see how your growth is doing. You’ll also see age and gender, as well as the geography of where fans live.

Check Out LWKS For Professional Video Editing

This professional editing software allows you to separate yourself from the amateurs on YT. Lightworks can handle any kind of video file, whether you shoot the video on your phone or a digital camera. It’s also set up to easily share your finished video straight to YT. Drag and drop support, world class trimming, and fit-to-fill edit commands all make this an ideal editing suite for creating high-quality YouTube videos. It starts at $23.99/month.

Movavi Video Suite is another terrific video maker. It includes editing, file conversion, screen recording, and special tools for vlogging. If you have old videos on VHS that you want to add to your YT videos, Movavi allows you to digitize these and edit them. The screen recording feature is great for tutorials or how-to videos. Audio effects include reverb, compressor, gate, flanger, and distortion. This software is priced at $84.95 currently.

Try Agorapulse

Trolls got you down? Now that you’re starting to get a few more viewers, you may get a few you don’t want. With Agorapulse, a social media management tool that covers multiple platforms including YouTube, there are easy ways to deal with trolls:

  • This tool helps you spot over-the-top comments and trolling users easily so you can block them.
  • Aside from troll management, Agorapulse also offers a separate inbox just for YT comments to help you stay organized.
  • You will also see brand and product mentions, and manage other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter on the same platform.
  • The basic plan starts at $99.

Use TubeBuddy for Extra Help With Keywords and Topics

After you’ve been posting videos for a while, you may struggle coming up with new topics and video ideas. Every content creator eventually struggles with this, but TubeBuddy is a tool that helps provide inspiration. Its advanced keyword research analytics help you locate high-performing keywords, so you can build video topics around them. It also gives you tips on ranking higher in YT search and writing better titles. TubeBuddy’s templates also speed up your process so you can publish faster. Plans range from $7.20-39.20/month.

Need Help With Graphics? Check Out Canva

People sometimes overlook Canva because they think of it as helpful with still images, like memes or photos. But it’s also super useful for YT users, because videos often use still images, like slates and graphics to supplement the video content. It’s also helpful when creating a YT banner or channel art. Start with a free plan, and upgrade to the $120/plan if needed.

These tools are all great, but if you need a quick boost, buying slow drip views is also a helpful strategy.