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Ways to Use LinkedIn for Your Business Growth

Today, LinkedIn seems to be the leading platform, being the community attracting professionals, decision-makers, and experts. Can you use LinkedIn for business growth?

For sure. In particular, it will allow you to do social selling and improve your brand image.

Read on to learn how to use LinkedIn effectively for business and grow your small business by creating a community.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business?

To start with, marketers can have different goals in terms of social media marketing. Thus, the way they use LinkedIn for business would derive from these tactics. Usually, the application of the particular platform is concerned with the following:

Doing networking

The networking principles lie at the center of Linkedin. It means that people create a LinkedIn page for business corporations and opportunities. The platform grants the community where you can develop professionally, look for partners, and find your audience.

Applying content marketing

As Linkedin is a community where people try to share professional experiences and issues, B2B brands can use it for social selling, thought leadership, and publishing materials. At some point, quality posts can result in more leads and greater visibility. If you manage to grow LinkedIn followers, you will be able to influence the community and promote products better.

Doing prospecting and research

Besides, many marketers and salespeople use LinkedIn for outreach to prospect and qualify leads. For sure, many use email software, like GetProspect bulk email finder, to extract corporate emails and approach people by sending personalized emails. However, you can also use LinkedIn plugins and direct messages to do so. Furthermore, LinkedIn appears to be a source for details that can later be used to design personalized messages.

Hiring and building employer brand

Lastly, LinkedIn is famous for hiring and recruiting personnel due to its business and career development focus. If you develop your employer brand there and position yourself as the company offering professional growth, you will likely attract outstanding employees.

How to Use Linkedin to Promote Your Business

As you can see, there are various strategies that you can apply to improve your marketing and image. However, to use LinkedIn effectively for business needs, you should think about the concepts of expertise, engagement, and communication. What are the tips you should know before utilizing a LinkedIn account for business?

Set up your page following the rules

When you design a new page, the main rule is to make it credible. It means that you should fill all the possible sections, provide a decent photo and define your relationship to the product or brand you promote.

At the same time, if you decide to set up a business account on LinkedIn as a starting point for the campaign, you need to provide all essential information about your company there. Creating a business page on LinkedIn can be very useful for content marketing due to promoting and targeting features.

Focus on expertise

Importantly, if you want to compete on LinkedIn, you should put expertise at the center of your content. That way, you would position yourself as the person who can produce solutions to the customers’ pain points.

For instance, a company setting a LinkedIn account for business marketing would share guides, case studies, and ebooks and hold digital events with experts. As a result, they will build an image of problem solvers and engage with professionals.

Provide value and do not sell instantly

Another way to use LinkedIn effectively for business promotion is to offer value and develop relationships. Why? It is essential not to be pushy and show that you are to help. In the end, you are to establish relationships with the leads and get a customer who will contribute to your community.