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The Second Hand Clothing That Will Make You The Most Money On eBay

New research has revealed the eBay clothing, shoes and accessories categories that could make Brits the most money from selling their second hand items.

Analysis of eBay’s average selling prices by sliding door wardrobe company Spaceslide has found that selling your old trainers could be your best chance at getting some quick cash.

On average, men’s trainers sell for £79.11 whereas an old pair of women’s trainers could bring in £54.93. However, depending on the style you’re selling, you could make even more than that.

Men’s Nike Jordan trainers sell for £136.23 on average, with women’s pairs making £129.82. Selling the sought-after Yeezy trainers from Nike’s rival brand Adidas could make you even more cash, with men’s selling for £223.22 and women’s at a whopping £288.61.

Interestingly, jeans were the next best moneymaker in the men’s category, selling for a huge £72.74 on average. Women’s jeans didn’t feature in the top five categories at all, selling for just £15.69 a pair in comparison.

However, women stand to make a lot more from their old coats. The typical woman’s coat sells for £46.18 on eBay, compared to men’s coats that go for less than half of that at £22.26.

Men’s Clothing, Shoes & Accessories: Top 5 Categories By Average Selling Price
Category Average Selling Price
Men’s Trainers £79.11
Men’s Jeans £72.74
Men’s  Shoes £50.97
Men’s Boots £33.30
Men’s Sandals £26.85


 Women’s Clothing, Shoes & Accessories: Top 5 Categories By Average Selling Price
Category Average Selling Price
Women’s Trainers £54.93
Women’s Coats £46.18
Women’s Boots £42.58
Women’s Flats £27.83
Women’s Jumpers £26.49

In 2019, Spaceslide surveyed 2,000 UK men and women to find out more about the size of the typical British wardrobe. It found that on average, women wear just 39% of their wardrobe on a monthly basis, while men wear 38%.

On average, men have 72 items in their wardrobe, but they only wear 27 items on a monthly basis. If men were to sell the 45 items they don’t wear every month, they could potentially have an extra £990!

It’s a similar story for women; with an average of 88 items in their wardrobe, selling the 53 items they don’t wear every month could make them £912 in total.

Since lockdown began, search interest in selling sites eBay, Gumtree, Depop and Vinted has steadily increased as Brits look for ways to get rid of their unwanted items following their clear outs.

Comparing April 2019 with April 2020, searches for eBay were up 23%. Considering there are 22 million searches for eBay on average every month, we can estimate that an extra 5,060,000 visitors reached the site in April 2020 alone.

Spaceslide Marketing Manager Will Gough commented: “The increased traffic to selling sites means it is the perfect time for Brits to make some money from their wardrobe clearout. Not only will it free up space in their homes and provide a welcome cash boost, useable items can be passed on rather than being thrown away.”

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting how charity shops can handle donations, perhaps more Brits will turn to selling sites in the near future.