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Why every business should be utilizing Twitter

In todays day and age, it can be extremely difficult for a business, especially a new one, to succeed if they don’t have any presence on social media platforms. In the last few years, social media platforms have become a playground for marketing, with exceptional results that makes traditional forms of marketing pale in comparison.

Twitter is one of those platforms, and more and more businesses are realizing the benefits that it provides; such as increasing their reach, follower count and most importantly, their brand awareness.

The businesses that started using Twitter early are now prospering, but this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for new businesses. Continue reading to find out why every business should be utilizing Twitter.

Check in with the competition

One of the best uses of Twitter for a business, especially if they are still growing or trying to establish a presence, is to see how the competition is doing. This is particularly helpful for small businesses who are still developing a marketing strategy, because it allows them to search for a competitor in the same market, and see what strategies that business is using.

In addition to this, a business can also see what products or services their competitors are planning on launching, and what the general reaction to it is. This might help give a business inspiration on developing something similar, or avoiding it completely if the reaction isn’t great.

More than this, a business can also gauge what their public image is like and if there are any discussions about its products or services, which is great, because it means that the business can use that information to make adjustments where necessary.

It helps to grow brand awareness

Something that all businesses need in order to thrive are customers, and if a business is lacking in those, then Twitter can be a great way to grow brand awareness. The best approach for an up-and-coming business, is to take on a more personable approach; this is because people are more likely to interact with a person, than they are with a logo.

Reply to customers messages, reply to comments, ask questions about how customers feel about the products, and interact on a personal level in order to create engagement. Gaining followers is instrumental in growing brand awareness, since it is the followers who will retweet posts, recommend the brand to friends and spread the word at a grassroots level.

Understandably, this can be difficult for new accounts, which is why marketing services such as Twesocial exist. Twesocial is an organic Twitter marketing service, and all a brand needs to do is answer a few questions to determine a target audience, and a team of account managers will do the rest. This essentially allows you to buy active Twitter followers without destroying the engagement of your account, which is so vital in the Twitter algorithm.

Can drive traffic to website

There are many brands and business on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, which have websites and blogs. Unfortunately, since they have no way of generating traffic, those websites and blogs go unseen. For a new brand, this is a problem that is very common, but the good news is that Twitter can help to direct organic traffic to websites and blogs.

Once a brand or business has generated a small following, it is a simple matter of providing the links to where the followers should go. This will go a long way in increasing the presence of a brand, and because of all of this organic traffic, the sites SEO rankings will increase, which means even more exposure and reach.

Provide customer service

For those who don’t know, many large businesses have teams dedicated to handling customer service on Twitter. This is because Twitter allows for direct contact with consumers, and any questions or problems can be addressed immediately in real-time.

For a new brand or small business, this means that they would be able to increase their engagement and improve the relationship with existing customers, and potentially gain more followers in the process.

One step further would be to use Twitter to give information about products, post announcements about what customers should know, or provide details relating to sales or discounts, which will also drive traffic the businesses blog or website.